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Caribbean vibes - The perfect Jerk Chicken

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Sometimes there comes a time when the rainy weather outside the window gets a little bit too much and it feels like it definitely is the right time to bring some sunny vibes into my life … and what better way than cooking some amazing Caribbean food.

And, if we are talking Caribbean food, there isnt a greater dish than the absolute king of chicken dishes : Jerk Chicken.

Now I know that jerk paste can be bought in jars, but - trust me - the jar stuff will never ever begin to even come close to the real deal which is the freshly made paste. Even the expensive pastes do lose their natural aromas and flavours after being packaged and preserved to survive long times in jars… so if you really want to experience the true magic of Jerk without having to travel to the Islands or venturing out to a Caribbean restaurant, you will need to do some blending.

Trust me, it’s worth it.

To make Jerk paste, you will need:

- 8 large cloves of garlic

- a thumb size piece of ginger

- 2 scotch bonnet peppers (adjust to your chili tolerance and remove seeds if you don’t want to go extreme)

- 4 scallions

- 3 tbsp of good quality soy sauce

- 2 tbs of dark sugar

- 3 tbs of all spice

- juice of one lime

- a bunch of fresh thyme, leaves stripped from the stalks (massive pain in the bum but necessary)

After you gather all the above ingredients, all that remains is whacking it all into a blender and whizzing it to a paste consistency (doesn’t have to be perfectly smooth but avoid leaving big lumps) and patience.

You need to marinate your chicken (on the bone, please don’t desecrate the dish by using breast) for at least 8 hours (ideally overnight).

Once that is done, roast at 200 degrees fan assisted for 35 min (or until chicken is fully cooked and juices run clear).

Enjoy on its own, with rice and peas, salad or any way you like :) preferably listening to some chunky reggae and drinking rum punch. I promise this will bring sunshine to your life ….

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