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First ever attempt at mince pies

I know this may sound insane given that I have lived in the U.K. for 21 years but … I have never made mince pies myself. Shameful, I know. I do love them so to never have made them myself is a bit of a let down (mind you I have never made the Polish Christmas equivalent which is the poppy seed cake so at least I am being disappointing on a consistent basis).

This has however changed as of today. Results on the attached pic.

For any non U.K. readers at this point: mince pies are a sweet shortcrust pastry traditonally consumed in U.K. over Christmas period. They consist of a shortcrust pastry shell filled with mincemeat (which - contrary to its name - doesn’t contain any meat whatsoever and is basically a mix of apple purée, orange peel, raisins, currants and nuts matured in brandy). They are traditionally baked with a pastry lid.

I made a slight variation on the original shortcrust recipie and added dark Belgian chocolate chips and Valencian Orange to the mincemeat filling. So kind of Chocolate Orange twist.

I also made the mincemeat myself - I have to say that the maturing process was lots of fun, I also changed the proportions slightly to incorporate more nuts and almonds - simply because I like the crunch. I also did drink quite a lot of brandy in the process so not quite sure if the final result is as boozy as I would ideally like but the alcohol is definitely detectible.

All in all - a decent first effort I think. Needs refining but I made a start at least.

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